Yesterday I woke up at 3:15am… Why? I don’t know. I’ve struggled with insomnia off and on my entire life, so this was just one of those times, I guess. Since I was wide awake I decided to get up and make my coffee. The kiddo is gone this weekend, so I have the place to myself… my Christmas tree is still up, so I enjoyed the silence of the early morning… Read More

Something I have struggled with my entire life is insecurity and self-doubt. Why? There could be a lot of reasons… Probably the biggest contributing factor – I grew up in an abusive household, where my self-esteem was cut down so low, that for many, many years I hated myself and felt as though I was worthless and would never amount  to anything. It really affected my psyche, and even though I have… Read More

The last time I posted I had just started my next competition prep… I had huge ambitions of hitting the stage again, writing frequently, studying and obtaining my personal training certification, starting a part-time business in my free time, and of course, an engagement to my fiance and eventually a wedding. Well, about 3 days into week 2 of my prep my world came crashing down… again. My fiance decided to end… Read More

So, it has been forever and a day since my last blog post – you know, that goal of frequently writing one that I set for myself last year… Sigh. Anyways, C’est la vie… A lot has happened over the last year – I met and fell in love with my fiance. Which led to quitting my nearly 16 year EMS career, moving across state lines to live with him, and becoming… Read More

Okay, so this post isn’t solely about fitness or nutrition. I just haven’t been inspired to write about workouts or motivation or whatever lately, so I haven’t been writing at all. I am still very much involved in fitness and nutrition – I workout daily, I follow a clean diet, and I’m even starting to get pumped up for my next competition season. Woot! Woot! đŸ™‚ But, there are other things to… Read More